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Owners spend about 8000000 yuan to buy luxury rooftop pool pollution pool
Release Time:2017-03-27

Speaking of the roof of the pool, it seems that there is always a sign of equality and luxury, but bought a swimming pool Riverview mansion, the day is really too spring? Not necessarily.

This newspaper has published 2008 "luxury" pool roil reports on the topic in the year of the bursting of the rooftop pool, many people may have the impression: a top floor of the mansion is located in the open-air swimming pool in the house, fast delivery, the owners found it into suspected top tank - 1.8 meters high. 3 meters wide, 7 meters long. To swim in the pool, the owner has to carry a ladder or a stool. The owners of the trouble, and so the developers.

Now 9 years later, when the swimming pool has once again become the focus: Recently, the owners Miss Lu dialed the mayor hotline 12345, the object of the complaint is that the famous building on the roof of the swimming pool, No. 1".

"No one has managed, filthy water, green, so for 2 years, every time I go to the roof are in a bad mood." She is very angry, belonging to the owner of the building 1 of the roof, how will become so?

News review

Spend about 8000000 yuan to buy a house

After the delivery of the pool into the water tank

In fact, the roof "swimming pool", focus on the 12 years ago was the news of hangzhou.

In 2005, Mr. Wu spent about 8000000 yuan, the purchase of the Qiantang River south of the city tourism, watermark a "Lssey Miyake" air villa, a total area of more than and 500 square meters of the house, even pick three floor, room nine hall four defend, with about 200 square meters of private garden and outdoor swimming pool. At that time, he wanted to pick up a piece of parents to live, raise flowers, look at Riverview, but also about 35 friends, together in a private garden barbecue, but also swim in the swimming pool.

At that time in the design, the swimming pool is not on the roof, but if Loushu mark on the 32 floor. Taking into account the pool wall 1.8 meters high, the impact of indoor light, the use is not convenient, so Mr. Wu and developers agreed to move to the roof of the swimming pool on the 34 floor.

However, the official delivery of the mansion, Mr. Wu has never checked in, but also on the road to rights. Because developers promised to open private swimming pool, standing on the roof, like a heavy water tank, so that the quality of the house greatly reduced.

2008, Mr. Wu will be a paper petition to the court. The court ruled that the plaintiff and defendant are knowingly roof designed for non roofs, for fire evacuation and equipment maintenance people use, and the roof property is the No. 1 building of all the owners, without the consent of all owners, it should be determined that the supplementary contract (referred to in the swimming pool Wu signed an agreement with the developer) is invalid. The swimming pool on the demolition of a two city real estate tourism watermark unit on the defendant.

Mr. Wu can get 900 thousand yuan compensation, but he refused to accept the appeal. Raging like a storm in recent ten years, and both sides are in court, or private coordination have failed to reach an agreement.

2015, the last time the two sides stand in court. Hangzhou intermediate people's court trial: the purchase contract to terminate the relationship between the two sides, the developer returned the purchase of about 8000000 yuan, and compensation for the loss of mr.. So far, this dispute was painted a full stop.

Roof status

The pool becomes a cesspool

Dirty and poor balcony became a vegetable garden

Mr. Wu and the developer's problem is solved, but for the residents of the watermark City, things are far from over, the roof of the pool to leave a lot of problems for them.

Binjiang watermark City, on the smell Tao Road, worthy of the first line Riverview room. Evening news reporter sitting 1 building, transparent and direct elevator unit 2, found Qian Tang in front of the north shore high-rise buildings, the south coast, the most beautiful runway is also in sight, the vision is very open. Can reach the 32 floor is dark, the two houses are signs of uninhabited. Did not find the lights, touch the black and then climb 2 floors, to the big balcony on the 34 floor.

A large balcony, a thick smell of urine floating in the air. Pull the rope between the roof and the railing, drying clothes, quilts, etc.. Steer clear of these barriers and see piles of broken furniture and debris. A few years later, the roof is also a number of "vegetable garden". Foam box, here some vegetables, there long chuangsuan, smell of urine is coming out.

Reporters on the balcony to find a circle, and no impression in the swimming pool, but a cuboid high cement watering is very conspicuous, the cuboid is 7 meters long, 3 meters wide, 1.8 meters high, there is no place to climb.

1 units and the balcony of the 2 units are connected, the situation is similar, but the unit of the cuboid side of the metal staircase, the sun drying the quilt on the staircase. Climb up a look, the original cuboid is the so-called swimming pool". This fills the water pool, some garbage floating green water, to smell and smell. Such a swimming pool, 1, building 2, a total of a total of 4.

"It was a private swimming pool, and nobody was in charge. So on the roof, too much, is simply a waste of resources." Living on the 1st floor, 6 floor, the owners said.

For these so-called "swimming pool", the owners have complained: "no matter what, the roof is always about the tube, or the swimming pool rectification, get a landscape line."

Latest progress

Luxury developers return

The swimming pool will be demolished in April

Yesterday, the reporter contacted the printing of the water