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China third aircraft will be equipped with 3 steam catapults for one thing from the electric bomb
Release Time:2017-03-27

Reported that, according to sources close to the Navy, the ship model 002 second domestic carrier ship will be equipped with at least 3 steam catapults, instead of the more advanced electromagnetic catapult. "There are still some technical problems with the ship's nuclear reactors, so type 002 will use the steam ejection," the source said.

Nevertheless, this message indicates that the 002 aircraft carrier will still be the first ship to take off the way to take off the Chinese aircraft carrier. Last September, a defense ministry spokesman Colonel Yang Yujun said in answer to a reporter about whether Chinese future aircraft will catapult off the aircraft carrier equipment related problems, the development of China's work is orderly.

In September last year, is considered to be a development in China on the basis of F -15 catapult technology demonstrator photos online exposure, aircraft landing gear cylinder was bold, double front wheel front installed ejection rod. In January 17th this year, according to Xinhua News Agency reported by Navy General Hospital research team developed the carrier aircraft landing acceleration test training system "by the national invention patents, to fill our carrier aircraft landing acceleration test and training medical equipment technology gap, generation is very helpful to the aircraft carrier battle force.

In June 2016, when he was a commander of the Navy Wu Shengli academician, China Academy of engineering ship electrical engineering expert general Ma Weiming umbrella photos of a hot topic on the internet. Because Ma Weiming is expert on electromagnetic catapult ships in China, and was selected as the 2016 annual CCTV's ten most influential "technological innovation figure", so some media and observers thought China will directly use electromagnetic catapult system in type 002 carrier.

Navy expert Li Jie believes that China's aircraft carrier is unlikely to achieve a substantial leap in just a few years, because different systems require different technology, engineers and pilots." For example, he said, although the aircraft carrier 001A will be launched during the year, but it will take several years to have a full operational capability.

However, Li Jie also refuted some of the foreign media on the 001A is completely imitate Liaoning ship argument. He said that although the 001A aircraft carrier will be similar to the shape of the ship in Liaoning, but its layout, internal facilities, the overall operation of the concept will be more advanced than the Liaoning ship. For example, the new aircraft carrier jump slope is 12 degrees, while the Liaoning ship is a degree of 14 degrees.

Li Jie said, 12 degrees slope helps to shorten the take-off distance, in the aircraft fuel savings, while strengthening the hull structure. In addition, some of the equipment will disappear from the 001A aircraft carrier, ship island will be reduced to carry more aircraft - probably more than the Liaoning ship carrying 6-8 fighter aircraft -15.